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* Staff Picks * Madam - In Case Of Emergency (Reveal Records, 2007)

Posted on 18th Apr 2013 by The Hairy Dog

If you have ever wondered what music venue staff listen to outside of work read on.

Madam - In Case Of Emergency (Reveal Records, 2007)


Reveal Records not only holds a lot of musical heritage but also when you see its name on the back of a record sleeve then you can safely bet that the music inside is going to be exceptionally talented but at the same time oozing with coolness.

This is why when flicking through the racks at the local independant records shop (BPM records, Derby) when I came across a this release with the description 'Brilliantly deranged alt pop' I knew it was worth taking a chance on.

This is not a new release but if you are a fan of alternative rock with a dark yet beautiful edge (ala Nick Cave or PJ Harvey) then it would be well worth your time searching out this record and having a listen, you will certainly not be disappointed. Raw echo drenched guitars mixed with sombre yet weirdly seductive vocals, this album is a stunningly brilliant.

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By Phil S Burgess (In House Promoter)