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Posted on 12th Apr 2013 by The Hairy Dog

Whammo! !!!! Here it is, like a bolt out of the blue, our brand new shiny digital hub!

HD logo

I’m sure you’ll agree it looks fantastic and really shows off some of the amazing things going on at the Hairy Dog each and every week.

As well as a new blog feature (which if you're reading this now I guess you have already found) there will be a lot of fun and engaging information coming up regularly so I hope you keep coming back and joining in the conversations.

We also have a new mailing list, so sign up and get to hear about all the exciting goings on at The Hairy Dog before anyone else.

Okay so what am I missing?…..oh yeah, our gigs!!!

The Hairy Dog is not even a year old yet and already we have become a hub to the local music community as well as starting to become a favourite stop for many national and international touring artists.

Every week we seem to be growing stronger and building our reputation for putting on great shows. Check out the listings in the gig section.

If you are a local music promoter and want to put a show on at one of the best sounding venues in the area, as well as receiving help and encouragement from our experienced team, then get in touch, it would be great to hear from you. Everything you need to know is on the booking a gig page.

This fantastic website has been custom built by Include Creative who I’m sure you will agree have done an amazing job, with stunning graphic design by Hairy Dog favourite Mammoth Creative Works. The whole project has been overseen by our good friends at Noble & Wild - they tied everything together to make what we think is a great site.

Anyway we will leave you to have a look around, sign up to the mailing list and maybe even buy a ticket or two while you’re here.

Let us know what you think - we hope you enjoy visiting the website and look forward to seeing you at the venue.