Gigs / Kunst Presents : A Union of Noise

Kunst Presents : A Union of Noise

Date: 13th Sep 2017 (20.00)

PLAX (Austin, Texas) - touring the UK for the first time PLAX touch on post-punk noise and early 80s hardcore. The band spawned from legendary bands Spray Paint, OBNIII’s, Skeleton and Tito y Tarantula and are now signed up with Super Secret Records who have been supplying the states with the best Austin local punk and underground music: New Berlin, John Wesley Coleman III, Ape Shits among many others. For fans of Black Flag, Ex Cult, Flipper, Institute etc.......just come on in!

in support we have the salivating beast that is CRIMEWOLF (of the Amber Valley). The bearded brethren need no introduction to the Derby demograph. A blistering live act that HAVE TO be observed at close quarters.

Absolutely stoked to have London noise mavericks DEAD ARMS kicking off the melee.... this review states the facts...... "Some hot st noise-punk with a bass heavy Am Reptile underbelly, DEAD ARMS are thunderous...Part JESUS LIZARD, PART BLACK WIDOWS, a dash of DRUG CHURCH...all in your face, On tracks like "Superman, Fk You" , the rhythm section simply rumbles with a garage punk foundation, Oodles of style points for sounding like that one band you just can't place; a testament to rolling in influences without cloning a particular sound. Cool noise that's a chunky and hearty meal..."

Dunna be to 70 tickets as its upstairs in the hot room. £6 (thats two £ per band FFS)!



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