Gigs / Mishka Shubaly vs Birdcloud

Mishka Shubaly vs Birdcloud

Date: 9th Sep 2017 (20.00)

Plus Special Guests :: Holly Johnson

Entry :: £7 adv (stbf) BUY TICKETS HERE

"We all have heroes. In my heart, Mishka Shubaly will always be spilled over the bar next to me and playing in the jukebox of my soul." - Doug Stanhope

"Forever a favorite- sublime!" - Johnny Depp

"Guy's a fucking genius" - Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

"There's no storyteller like Mishka Shubaly-- hardcore on every emotional level, he scares the bejeezus out of me, especially when he's cracking me up." - Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

"The Kindle Singles bestseller list has anointed new stars, like Mishka Shubaly" - The New York Times" "the gruff and rough-voiced Shubaly is a chronicler of mankind's darkest impulses and failures, a guy with a ticket to hell and back" Time Out New York "a beaming ray of jet-black sunshine" The Village Voice "Shubaly is earnestly obstinate, yet capable of change; a nihilist, and yet he seeks meaning; a walking contradiction and a joy to spend time with on paper." “Don’t miss the track from singer/songwriter Mishka Shubaly..” USA Today

and here's BIRDCLOUD:

Banned from YouTube, booed at America's Got Talent, and lauded for their irreverence by a global cult following, Birdcloud's music has been referred to as the ravenous id of today’s commercial country sound. Nashville natives Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green have spent years touring dive bars and lavish theaters across America. Birdcloud is currently celebrating the release of "Singles Only," their greatest hits on double cum-colored vinyl.

"Much of what Birdcloud does is reactionary to what country music has become — those dirt roads and the trucks that drive 'em — but also to their experience growing up in the South: the obsessive religious indoctrination, the caged racism... Those types of songs — true-to-life, with a healthy dose of humor — are actually a longstanding country tradition." - ROLLING STONE "Raunchy Country: Inside the Genre's History of Comedy and Irreverence." Apr. 2016

“Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green of the Nashville duo Birdcloud are completely fucked up. That said, we hope that they show up to every fucking party we ever throw for as long as we live. They’re bound to say and do things that are inconceivable and all kinds of wrong. They will get loud and stand-offish. They would drive a car into the pool, if we had one, they would get naked and they wouldn’t likely do something that they’d always be remembered for. Odds are the nudity and the car in the pool wouldn’t even rank in the top five most memorable moments of the night, when it comes to what the two members of Birdcloud are capable of.” -DAYTROTTER

"The mystery that animates Birdcloud’s best music is a dialectic of identity, a cruel compassion... What it does do is give the loneliness of an anonymous woman a couple of absurd moments to strut and fret in your mind before disappearing once again into oblivion. Historically, this is what country music has always done best." -VICE Noisey "Southern Hells: Redemption and Ridicule in Birdcloud's America." Mar. 2015​​


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