Gigs / Nightingales


Date: 29th Sep 2017 (20.00)

Plus Special Guests : Grey Hairs & Haha SickTickets


“Often compared to the Fall. Since their reformation in 2004, the ‘Gales have been the consistently better band, musically more inventive and powerful and lyrically funnier and more astute.Also, as a songwriter, Robert Lloyd is as much of a genius as Morrissey or Nick Cave. He has a similar idiosyncratic, very English outlook and outdoes Moz with his brutal lyrical dexterity and has the same kind of dark, comic intensity as Cave, only Lloyd is ten times less successful. I can only put this down to bad luck and maybe the fact that he failed to have an iconic hairstyle at a key moment in his career unlike t'other two. More appropriate comparisons though would be the comedy of Stewart Lee (a ‘Gales fan) and the plays of Mike Leigh.

The ever-shifting line up of Nightingales has settled and they make a brilliant racket. It rocks, it bewilders, it shambles, it kicks ass and it makes you laugh and scratch your head and wonder what the fuck all that was about.

They have always been a ‘difficult' band; wilfully awkward, avoiding choruses and obvious time signatures, but occasionally just to prove they can they pull off a magnificent pop-song. I could go on (and on, and on) as I love the Nightingales but can't quite put finger on why. Its something to do with the fact that they are outsiders and under-dogs, surly and sarky, yet intelligent and charming; unique and unrivalled and It takes a while to ‘dig' them. You have to work at it; they are not an immediate band musically. But if you put the time and effort in you reap the rewards in spades. What makes this album and the current line-up extra special is a unique combination of ages. Youth and the wisdom of age combined. Lyrical bile and incendiary music. World-weary but ready to storm the barricades of mediocrity and boredom. Its loud, its rude, it kicks like a mule and its astounding that the Nightingales have made one of the best albums of the year. Well done underdogs!” LOUDER THAN WAR, UK


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